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Sub-menú Argan Oil Epigenetic

Inlab Medical advances in the understanding of the mechanisms of aging thanks to epigenetics: The latest discovery of Science, which allows to influence the behavior of genes to improve their performance.


Publicado el 19/07/2017 ›


Epigenetics is the study of the mechanisms involved in the regulation of gene activity: the biological mechanisms that will "ignite" or "turn off" genes without altering their sequence.

At the core of our cells are the chromosomes: DNA strands made up of millions of genes with coded information that when generated generates proteins, including proteins responsible for the youth of the skin.
Different genes are activated or deactivated in different periods of our life. Thus our body, our skin and its appearance, is a product of the expression of our genes.

These changes occur in a regular and natural way, but can also be influenced by several factors, such as age, environment (UV radiation, pollution ...), lifestyle, emotions and diseases ...
All these factors are epigenetic mechanisms We can regulate the expression of our genes to rejuvenate.
Genes generate proteins involved in regulatory processes such as cell cycles, DNA repair systems, reactions to oxidative stress, inflammation, skin regeneration, etc.

In Lab Medical, with its new assets, it is able to modulate the appearance of certain epigenetic factors and their consequences, re-activating certain genes, returning them to their "ON" position so that protein production normalizes and the skin regains its youth.
Futuristic cosmetics for deep nutrition, vregeneration and rejuvenation of DNA, clinically proven.

-Protection and rejuvenation of DNA
-Activity anti-age
- Aged cells acquire characteristics of young cells



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