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Sub-menú Argan Oil Epigenetic

Inlab Medical advances in the understanding of the mechanisms of aging thanks to epigenetics: The latest discovery of Science, which allows to influence the behavior of genes to improve their performance.

Publicado el 16/10/2017 ›

In Lab Medical, and  its new active ingredient:




is able to modulate the appearance of certain epigenetic factors and their consequences. Re-active certain genes, returning them to their "ON" position so that the production of proteins is normalized and the skin regains youthness.

Cosmetic advance based on epigenetics.

By in vitro assays in human keratinocytes (skin cells), Cobiogenol has  shown to have the ability to:

Rejuvenate cellular chromatin, making aging cells characteristics of young cells.

The aging process is now thought to be an epigenetic phenomenon consisting mostly of the result of misleading genes that are "on" and correct genes that are "off”.

Cobiogenol  increases the expression of miR-29b-3p, a MiRNA that "turns on", or "activates" the synthesis of the protein P53: Protein guardian of the genetic material, which has a strong  anti-oxidant power, anti-stress and anti- aging power.



DNA protection and rejuvenation

Anti-oxidant and anti-aging activity

Exploring epigenetics opens a new door to intentionally effective skin care:

Ingredients that intentionally (epigenetically) influence genes.


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